DRIVEN BY STYLE w/ @milesharrison

April 09, 2018

Just like the '67 Chevy Impala, the Articulate money clip carries a classic American sense of style that seems to transcend time and draw people towards it. The simple but, stylish look of Articulate makes for a classic look that is sure to hold up for years to come.

Articulate has been my go-to wallet for years now. The money clip is great for everyday, and every night use. It's slim and simple design eliminates the negative stigma associated with thick, bulky wallets of the past.

The articulate money clip encourages a minimalist approach to what you bring out in your wallet on a daily basis. It's simply design focuses on the cards you use the most, and the actual money clip allows for quick and easy access to cash on the go.

The simple color schemes available for the money clip are subtle, but very stylish and eye/catching at the same time. Solid colors add for a more muted look while blending colors keeps things interesting. The leather is very durable and is sure to withstand years of being carried around by it's user.

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