May 21, 2018



Sold out products often get inquiries to have us email them once we bring the product back, however on color in particulate really took the cake on this one. The Black w/ Blue Wallet that we thought wasn't going to be missed turned into being the most missed product that we decided to stop producing. We listened to all of you and brought it back w/ all our other colors. We are fully stocked & can't wait to get an Articulate Product into your hands!

Highlights of The Articulate Wallet:

- Assists in blocking RFID transmission(Click to Learn)

- Back pocket for your most used card

- Ultra Thin minimalist design (.35in)

- TWO underneath pockets for your business cards=- Microfiber Leather Material

- SIX easy access card slot

- 3.25 in. tall x 4.25 in. wide

* Internal usable dimensions for currency is 3 in. tal



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