May 09, 2018


With Mother’s day just around the corner it’s crunch time to find that perfect gift! I have mentioned how much I love my Articulate clutch before and my mom has been asking for one ever since! She is so funny because she will drop subtle hints and give me this look to be sure I am taking note.Well, don’t worry mom, your hints have not gone unnoticed. I have decided Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to surprise her with her new clutch! I am planning on loading it up with a couple of gift cards to her favorite coffee shops and stores! I may even throw in some of those old school “coupons” that I used to make for her when I was little…Did anyone else make those? Like, “A 20 minute foot rub” or “A homemade dinner”! I used to always make sure they had expiration dates, ha! My mom loves sentimental little things like that so I figured it would be fun to do a throwback along with some sweet quotes that remind me of her and the joy she brings to my life! The best part is that if you purchase a clutch in time for Mother’s Day then Articulate is offering 50% off their Money Clipsor mens Wallets! Might as well check off your Father’s Day gift while you’re at it!

Use the code “Mama50” at checkout for the deal.

Here is a sample of the Men’s options below:

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