RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

*Our goal is to limit and block perpetrators from gaining information access to your RFID enabled credit/debit cards that some of you may carry. Though we can not guarantee 100% protection from RFID identify theft we have added two layers of RFID Shielding material to block the transmission between your credit card/debit card and a thefts reader.  Learn more about RFID below.

What is RFID?

Not familiar with RFID? RFID is the technology that allows an individual to simply wave their credit card to complete a purchase. Instead of the traditional swipe action that we are so accustomed to, people now have the ability to simply wave there card in front of a scanner which completes a transaction. 

Why is Articulate telling me about RFID?

With every great technology advance there is always going to be someone who wants to break the system. Criminals with very minimal technical skills have created devices similar to the to the scanner which vendors such as grocery stores or use to complete purchases. With these makeshift scanners that the criminals make, they can easily steal your personal financial information. With this information they can make new credit cards based on your financial information. All the perpetrator needs to do is walk past an innocent civilian which then picks up the credit card signal embedded in the credit card.

What is Digital Pickpocketing?

Think of it as pickpocketing (which is the act of physically stealing ones personal information by stealing ones goods) made much easier for a thief. Instead of physically having to steal your wallet or purse all thief's have to do is stand next to you and collect your information digitally. One might as how is that possible? The answer is RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). 

Does my card have RFID capabilities?

If you look at your debit and/or credit card and notice and that you have a wave signal logo then you most likely have this capability of using RFID to complete purchases. Just because you don't have the logo (wave signal) located visibly on your card does not mean that you don't have the capability. It is best to contact the customer service number on the back of your card  and enquire if your credit card is or is not RFID enabled. 

How does Articulate help?

We have embedded a special material in the design of our wallets and clutches that helps blocks the RFID signal used inside these credit/debit cards. Though we can't guarantee 100% protection  due to different frequency, our goal is to limit perpetrators  from gaining information access. Some people wonder why there access badges that open doors still work. Our wallets are not designed to block the RFID access cards that allow entry into buildings. That requires a different type of RFID protection and serves no benefit for what we are trying to solve.